Up in the sky, where the wild wind blows,

Down in the stream, as the crystal water flows.

Perched on a hill, reaching out to the clouds,

A big wide smile, feeling loved and proud.

Kicking up leaves, through the golden woods,

You’re always here, running deep in my blood.

Reading outside , perched alone in your chair,

This moment forever, I can’t help but stare.

Birds fly across, singing their own sweet tune,

Time passes by, now gazing toward the moon.


But before we part, one last thing to say,

Now you’re free, and a spirit on its way.

I’ll never forget, your kind blue eyes,

And this is for now, this is not our goodbye.

Do not go gentle, in to your eternal goodnight,

Spread your wings, be happy, and take a wild, peaceful flight.


By Katie Bagshawe


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