Collecting Conkers

The past couple of days have been a slog, I’ve felt mostly lethargic and tired with just no motivation. Yet, something magical happened. I started writing. With absolutely no warning whatsoever I took to the keyboard and it just overflowed, it spilled out of me and gave me the answers to everything that had stumped me. I had so much Uni work to get done but I just couldn’t stop myself from writing, even the book I’m obsessed with at the minute got put down and late into the night I was still typing away. Before I knew it, I had ended up with 16,000 words in two days! I’m still rather flabbergasted but hoping this streak doesn’t go away, although I’m going to have to prioritise some of my studies as time, as ever, is slipping away from me.

A storm hit, or supposedly hit (a bit of wind) so many of the conkers and acorns have been blown from the trees. Me and my Mum have got into the routine of walking the dog after tea and it’s crazy to see how quickly the nights are drawing in from how dark it’s becoming, even though we’ve been walking at the same time each night. However, it’s been cosy to come home with rosy red cheeks, put your pyjama’s on and lounge in front of the fire. Our new favourite past time is indulging in hot chocolates topped with whipped cream and marshmallows. The diet as always is going well! Not.

Today I went back to the University campus for the first time in months to meet with my dissertation Supervisor and to present the progress so far. It all went well but it’s highlighted many areas that I need to focus on more, and also that I need to get my head in the right place for the slog of work ahead. But nothing happens overnight, I was hugely proud of myself for getting out there and behaving more confidently. What helped was how quiet everything was, many of the students haven’t returned yet so the meeting areas were relatively quiet whereas normally they’re jam packed no matter what time of day.

Coming home me and Ma were babysitting my nephews and decided to take them up the hill to the oak and horse chestnut tree. We took along some tote bags and filled them up to the brim with the perfectly capped acorns and all the conkers that had been blown off, turns out it wasn’t just us! A few others happened to stop by and join in the fun. We had no initial plans on what we were going to do with our new bounty of autumn goodies but with a with a bit of help from Google we’ve managed to turn them into some simplistic decorations to help make the fireplace more autumnal. I’ll pop some pictures in for you all to see.

The upcoming week is an exciting and productive one as it’s IPF Week where many charities from around the world come together to help raise awareness of IPF. I’ll be posting more about this in the coming days. Also me and Mum have last minute booked a holiday cottage in Cornwall from the end of next week so hopefully lots of pictures to share when we get back!

Anyhow back to writing… when inspiration strikes, it’s impossible to ignore it!




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