About Me

My name is Katie Bagshawe and I am a twenty-something year old living on the outskirts with my Ma and our rescue pet Siberian Husky called Sasha. I am the youngest of three and Aunt to two.

At the moment I am completing an MSc Psychology course through Sheffield Hallam University after having graduated a BSc Computing qualification through the University of Cumbria. My main dissertation piece is researching the psychological impact of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and I hope to further this into a PhD by evidencing the impact of lung disease on quality of life, psychological health, transplant options and palliative care.

Ever since I can remember my Pa always called me Baby Witch. It was a loving little nickname that has stuck and foretold my fascination with witchcraft and all things a little dark and macabre. I also love to read, my favourite author being Alice Hoffman for her gorgeous fantastical storylines that are filled with imagination and poetry, something I try to inject into my own writing.

In my past and now present, I have dealt quite traumatically with mental illness. Ever since a young age I have struggled quite magnificently with anxiety and particularly depression and self harm post puberty. Of course dealing with this incredible grief has triggered some of these emotional flaws and I am on the path right now to stitching myself back together. Hopefully by finding passion and drive in raising awareness of IPF and spreading my Father’s memory, this will be a small piece of a bigger jigaw in making myself feel whole again.

Thank you for checking me out, and thank you for spending time here.


You can also find me on Twitter.