Lunge for Lungs

June 18th to June 24th marks Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week in the UK where healthcare professionals and charities come together to raise awareness of the importance of exercise for those living with lung disease. Whilst it’s inherently difficult to manage mobility with a chronic or progressive lung disease, it is vital that we ensure people living with these illnesses are given the tools and support to stay active in whatever way they can.

HisLungs is aiming to come together to share the importance of exercise and use this opportunity to bring all the expertise together to help those in the Derbyshire community find out how they can improve their quality of life with lung disease.

Stay tuned for a unique and exciting event in Chesterfield where we can all meet up, we can all become a community and we can all share the benefits of raising awareness of Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

Just one (literal) step closer to helping people with lung disease, improve their day to day lives.