Who Am I?

My name is Katie and I am a (late) twenty-something girl/woman living on the outskirts of the Peak District with my Mum and adopted wolf Sasha. I am the sister to two older brothers and the aunt to two nephews as well as the daughter to my dear beloved Father who passed away in June 2017. I have a passion for reading, a thing for tea and anything sweet smothered in chocolate is my idea of a good time (preferably to dunk in the aforementioned tea, especially if covered in gold foil).

Recently I finished my studies in Psychology through a Masters of Science at Sheffield Hallam University and hope in the future to commit to keep raising awareness of lung disease and encouraging better support for psychological care in chronic and progressive respiratory illnesses. In the past my studies were mostly in Computer Science and I spent a good portion of my late teens and early twenties within the cinema industry as a Projectionist before it all went digital. I also adore writing and have submitted online music reviews but now regularly write blog posts for PsychReg which covers anything and everything interesting associated to Health Psychology.

What else do I like?! I hear you cry! Well, I love Autumn and Halloween, my favourite fiction is Scandic/Nordic crime fiction/medical & social autographies, I adore visiting the Hay Literature Festival every year in Wales and also love nothing more than bangers and mash for tea with apple crumble for pudding. My love of History and Period Dramas was inherited from my Dad, alongside my love of books, and I also love vintage bits and bobs, particularly the 30’s and 40’s. I don’t necessarily listen to music much these days with the exception of Classic FM and I love crime drama’s with the addition of my guilty pleasure being Casualty (don’t judge me). My personal idea of heaven is a quaint cute little cottage in the middle of the country with a logfire, kettle and a good stash of books plus a vast array of cotton pyjama’s and a big bath stocked with Lush treats. Though, there has something to be said for the sheer beauty of being by the coast and in awe of the ocean.

Here at HisLungs, I want to raise awareness of lung disease as well as my adventures down the rabbit hole of finding out about how to fundraise and improve treatment for people diagnosed with a chronic respiratory illness. You’ll find me blogging all about this alongside my personal memories and reflections of living day to day life. So with that being said, come on in, the kettle’s brewed!